Enjoy the authentic sea experience in fast food restaurant U Námorníka thanks to the ship Santa Mara.

Snackbar Európa offers fresh seasonal salads, kebabs, grilled specialties or various types of pancakes.

Come and refresh yourself in Beach bar by cocktails, frozen yogurt or flavored ice crush.

Stop by and enjoy bubble tea or ice cream. There is a flavour for everybody.


This year we adjusted our restaurant U Námorníka for your higher comfort by 15 meters long catering desk. Our chef with longterm hotel experience is working on the tasty menu so spoil yourself with all the great dishes he prepares for you! Feel like on the open sea thanks to ship Santa Mara.

We enriched our offer with new dishes and drinks and very favorite especially with kids – ice cream in many flavors. Come and enjoy the real gastronomy experience.


This snack bar offers fast but healthy food. Due to its vast success, our great seasoned menu with full offer of salads, kebabs and pancakes and you are not hungry anymore. Last year our guests praised grilled chicken that comes only from local Slovak production and is delivered fresh daily to the camp.


Our top place as per last year. The place to refresh and spoil your taste buds. Frozen yogurt with many flavors, toppings, fresh fruit – ice crush, cocktails, ice cream, bubble tea and much more. Sit down and enjoy the life around with the magnificent view of our “Slovak sea.\"


Stop by and enjoy bubble tea or ice cream. There is a flavour for everybody.